I Begged My Spouse to Do the Right Thing About Getting Help

I begged my wife to go to a Valley Village chiropractor after she cried out in pain one day. She’d been having some trouble with her back for about a year, and it was getting worse. She picked up our daughter to carry her into the living room, and that’s when I heard her yelp in pain. Our daughter is only two, and the shrill sound my wife made scared our daughter and caused her to cry. In turn, this caused my wife to cry because she felt so bad about it. I told her that she needed to quit trying to act so tough and do something about getting help.

My wife was in the military, so she often feels that it is important to hide pain and try to not be weak about it. But in my mind, she seemed more weak each passing day that she ignored getting help. She’s a great mom, and she had been trying to keep up with our little girl. I knew that, as soon our daughter hit the age of 3, she would be even more active and be even harder to keep up with. I typically do not push my spouse to do things she does not wanted to do, but I felt that it was important when it comes to pain.

I told her that I was going to make an appointment for her and that I did not want her to put it off any longer. She saw the look on my face, and she finally agreed to go. When she came home from her appointment, she apologized for putting it off so long. She said that she realized that she was causing herself more harm by not doing something about her issues earlier on. She also said that she really liked her new chiropractor and that he tried a lot of things during the appointment on her back that actually worked.